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VIREX – Next-generation at-home Dx Testing with PCR-level Sensitivity for Daily Covid-19 Tests and Early Cancer Dx

Demonstrated extremely high sensitivity for multiple biological analytes, including:

  • COVID-19 virus detection as sensitive as 5 TCID50, rivalling PCR sensitivity
  • Early liver cancer biomarker test detects target protein biomarker in as little as 5 microliters of blood

Chemical development and prototyping expected to be completed in Q3 2022 with prototype field testing for regulatory submission in Q3/Q4 2022.

With design and supply chain fully developed for the first generation Virex Dx test, Sorrento’s GMAB library will be employed to rapidly develop and deploy highly sensitive tests against multiple infectious diseases and biologic threats.

The Virex platform offers the potential to rapidly develop highly sensitive, affordable and scalable next generation diagnostic testing solutions for COVID-19 and beyond by leveraging the chemistry and infrastructure of glucose meters and test strips