RTX – Knee Arthritis

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RTX is our product candidate for control of pain associated with knee arthritis

A Single Treatment With the Potential for Long-Lasting Results

  • There are more than 100 million outpatient visits due to arthritis and an estimated 6.7 million hospitalizations due to arthritis
  • An estimated 31 million adults have OA. Currently, there is no cure. OA is when the cartilage between the bones breaks down causing pain and inflammation and movement difficulty
  • Affects any joint, but occurs most often in knees, hips, lower back and neck, small joints of the fingers and toes
  • In 2018, there were 757,000 knee and 512,000 hip replacements.  Total knee and hip replacements will exceed 1.4 million by 2021
  • By 2030, total knee replacement surgeries are projected to grow 673% to 3.5 million procedures per year
  • Nearly 1/2 of American adults develop knee osteoarthritis in at least one knee during their lifetime
  • 80% of osteoarthritis patients have some degree of movement limitation