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COVIDROPS™ (Intranasal COVI-AMG Neutralizing Antibody – STI 2099)

In addition to the intravenous formulation of COVI-AMG™ neutralizing antibody,  Sorrento is developing COVIDROPS which will be the intranasal formulation of COVI-AMG™. 

A few highlights of the preclinical animal data from the most recent STI-2099 study include:

  • Intravenously-dosed animals recovered from the infection with noticeable differences in weight loss between the Control IgG and COVI-AMG-treatment groups reaching a maximum at Day-5 after infection.
  • Intranasally-COVIDROPS-treated animals remarkable showed evidence, as early as Day-2 into the experiment, of prevention of disease progression with limited weight loss in the very early stages of infection and reduced duration of disease symptoms as compared to COVI-AMG IV-treated animals.
  • Current neutralization antibodies in development are administered in large amounts that require infusions over hours in a hospital setting (Figure 1A). 
  • Sorrento’s intravenous COVI-AMG nAb (STI-2020) may require only an intravenous slow push due to the high potency demonstrated in animal models to date (Figure 1B). 
  • Intranasal COVIDDROPS (STI-2099) may be able to be administered as simple intranasal drops (Figure 1C), which would avoid the need for IV infusion or injection and a hospital visit for treatment.