“iTAbs” (Intracellular Targeting ANTIBODIES)

Combining City of Hope’s intracellular targeting technology with Sorrento’s fully human antibody library and immunotherapy expertise, we are looking to enable the development of effective antibody therapies against difficult to access intracellular targets.

Antibodies Against Intracellular Targets

This exclusively licensed technology enables modified monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) to penetrate cells and target previously “undruggable” disease-causing proteins. The technology is based on a proprietary chemical modification of mAbs that allows the modified mAb to penetrate the cell while maintaining their ability to bind to specific target proteins. This novel intracellular targeting technology could be transformative for the field of biomedical research and biopharmaceutical development.

The technology might have applications to medically-relevant targets in other than cancer indications, such as inflammation, auto-immune disorders, diabetes, central nervous systems (CNS), cardiovascular diseases, and viral infections.

“We can now develop a wide variety of antibody-based therapies no longer restricted by the antigen location, opening a whole new world of possible targets against cancers and other diseases.”
– Dr. Henry Ji, CEO

Immuno-Oncology Assets

G-MABS CAR-T ADCs iTAbs Oncolytic Virus