Lymphatic Delivery System

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The Sofusa® Lymphatic Delivery System (S-LDS) is a new method of treatment designed to deliver injectable medicines directly into lymphatic and systemic capillaries just beneath the epidermis via a proprietary microneedle and microfluidics system.

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Enhanced Absorption

Unlike traditional injections, the Sofusa (“soft transdermal infusion) system enables controlled absorption into tiny lymphatic and systemic capillaries just beneath the epidermis.

Nanotopography (highly magnified)

Proprietary thin film nanotopography applied to microneedles results in a dramatic increase in absorption of large molecules vs undraped microneedles

Intra-Lymphatic Targeting

In pre-clinical models compared to traditional injection, Sofusa has demonstrated improved clinical response with increased in lymphatic concentrations and reduced systemic exposure1.

(1) Data on file – Multiple pre-clinical studies involving etanercept, trastuzumab, CTLA-4, PD-1, and PD-L1