Lymphatic Drug Delivery

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SOFUSA Lymphatic Drug Delivery Platform

The Sofusa® Lymphatic Delivery System (S-LDS) is a new method of treatment designed to deliver injectable medicines directly into lymphatic and systemic capillaries just beneath the epidermis via a proprietary microneedle and microfluidics system.

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Pre-Clinical models demonstrate potential benefits of lymphatic targeting with Sofusa proprietary nano-draped microneedles1

  • >40-fold increase in drug concentration in lymph nodes vs subcutaneous injections (SC) or intravenous (IV) infusions
  • Improved tumor penetration with 1/10th dose
  • Improved anti-tumor efficacy and reduced metastases

Human Clinical Phase 1B RA study to assess intra-lymphatic delivery2

  • 12-week open label study enrolling patients with inadequate response to 50mg weekly Enbrel® subcutaneous injections (n=10)
  • First 3 patients completed, 25mg weekly doses (50% of SC dose)
  • 36%/38% reduction in Disease Activity (DAS28 ESR/CRP)
  • 80% reduction in swollen joints count
  • 77% improvement in Physician Global Assessment Score

Human Checkpoint POC studies ongoing with Mayo Clinic

1)Walsh et al., “Nanotopography Facilitates in Vivo Transdermal Delivery… Nano Letters, ACSJCA, 2015
2)Results are Average of first 3 patients (partially enrolled), Phase 1b proof-of-concept open label study to assess the safety and pilot efficacy of Enbrel® administered to patients with Rheumatoid arthritis using Sofusa® DoseConnct®