Presentations & Posters

Sorrento Corporate Presentation – ROTH March 2017

Sorrento Corporate Presentation – BIO CEO February 2017

SRNE Corporate Presentation – November 2016

Scintilla Corporate Presentation – September 2016

SRNE Corporate Presentation – September 2016

Jefferies Healthcare Conference Presentation – June 2016 (pdf)

SRNE Corporate Presentation – January 2016 (pdf)

Bi-specific Antibodies Targeting Signaling Pathway Crosstalk are a New Breast Cancer Immunotherapeutic Strategy [pdf]

Yanliang Zhang, Edwige Gros, Sarabjit Chagar, Heyue Zhou, John Dixon Gray, Jian Cao, Kimberly Johnson, Silpa Yalamanchili, Lisa Carmody, Bryan Jones, Kouros Motamed, Gunnar F. Kaufmann and Yanwen Fu
“San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium” in San Antonio, Texas (December 9-13, 2014)

c-Met is a Potential Therapeutic Target for Antibody Drug Conjugates in Breast Cancer [pdf]

Yanwen Fu, Edwige Gros, Alice Lee, Kimberly Johnson, Hong Zhang, Silpa Yalamanchili, Yingqing Sun, Kouros Motamed, Gary Chen, Bryan Jones, Gunnar F. Kaufmann, David Miao
“San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium” in San Antonio, Texas (December 9-13, 2014)

APS Poster: A Phase I Study of the Intrathecal Administration of Resiniferatoxin for Treating Severe Refractory Pain Associated with Advanced Cancer [pdf]

John Heiss, Michael Iadarola, Fred Cantor, Amina Oughourli, Rene Smith, and Andrew Mannes
“33rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Pain Society” in Tampa (April 30-May 3 2014)

ASRA Poster: Pain and Quality of Life Assessments in Cancer Patients Pre and Post Intrathecal Resiniferatoxin Injection [pdf]

Amina Oughourli, Fred Cantor, John Heiss, Michael Iadarola, Rene Smith, and Andrew Mannes
“39th Annual Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Meeting” in Chicago (April 3-6 2014)

Human anti-PD-L1/PD-1 Antibodies Exhibit Potent Immune Cell Activation [pdf]

J. Dixon Gray, Heyue Zhou, Edwige Gros, Kimberly Johnson, Gunnar F. Kaufmann and Randy Gastwirt
“Next Generation Protein Therapeutics Summit” in San Diego (June 26th-28th 2013)

Efficacy of Functionally Blocking Antibodies Against C-C chemokine receptor 2 (CCR2) [pdf]

Dingqiu Huang, J. Dixon Gray, Guodi Lu, William Phillips, Lisa Carmody, Randy Gastwirt, Heyue Zhou, Thamara Janaratne, Gunnar Kaufmann, Barbara A. Swanson
“Discovery on Target” Conference in Boston (September 24 – 27 2013)