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Robert D. Allen, Ph.D.

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Senior Vice President R&D

  • Dr. Allen has spent over 15 years in the biotechnology industry leading research, preclinical development, and early clinical manufacturing of antiviral and anti-cancer therapeutics.
  • Prior to joining Sorrento, Dr. Allen served as Scientific Director of the Oregon Translational Research and Development Institute (OTRADI), collaborating with industry and academic partners on drug discovery and candidate profiling campaigns targeting hematologic cancers, solid tumors, and infectious disease pathogens.
  • Prior to OTRADI, Dr. Allen developed discovery programs at SIGA Technologies that identified direct-acting antivirals targeting viruses in the bunyavirus and filovirus families as well as host-directed countermeasures against a broad spectrum of human viruses and obligate intracellular bacteria.
  • B.S. and Ph.D.