Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are targeted immunotherapies that utilize potent cytotoxic drugs conjugated to antibodies via chemical linkers.  This increases the efficacy of potent chemotherapeutic agents by effectively targeting the drug directly to cancer cells. Thus, ADCs also have reduced side effects because targeting the cancer cells means less of the cytotoxic drug will enter healthy cells.

“We have developed next generation ADC technology that enables the production of stable ADCs that have demonstrated high efficacy, low toxicity and precision targeting in preclinical studies.”
– Dr. David Miao, Head of ADC Technologies

Sorrento’s next generation ADC technology platform utilizes innovative conjugation methods to produce stable ADCs by linking the toxin to only specific, preselected sites of an antibody; the resulting ADCs have shown high anti-tumor efficacy and low overall toxicity in preclinical studies.

Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs)

The combination of C-lock and K-lock conjugation methods enables us to make multifunctional ADCs, such as dual drug ADCs and Bispecific ADCs. We are also actively studying the combination of ADCs with immune-oncology therapy as new anti-cancer strategy.